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“This course and the additional books and courses which it has led me to, has given me a solid foundation from which to grow.”

— Patricia Cornish

“Even more important, the support and encouragement the Michael and Lesley continue to provide their former students, particularly in relationship to being active in the AHG is excellent.”

Aviva Romm, MD (1992 East West School Graduate)

“The direct clinical work gave me the experience of working with clients in a more formal manner and an effective mechanism for providing follow up care.”

— Roy Upton

“What drew me to East – West was the uniqueness of the course. It is comprehensive and includes Chinese, Ayurvedic and western herbs and principles.”

–Jill Ruttenberg, Clinical Herbalist (2000 East West School Graduate)

“The credibility of graduating from the program also has great respect nation wide. I have not walked into a health food store or met an herbalist who wasn’t familiar with Michael Tierra.”

Nicholas Schnell, Clinical Herbalist (2002 East West School Graduate)

“I really enjoyed these last lessons the most of all in the course. They really challenged me to apply and think about what I have been learning.”

Michelle Collins, Clinical Herbalist, RH (AHG), MPH (East West School Graduate)

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