Podcast 195 | Questioning Faith

In this episode of The Minimalists Podcast, Joshua and Ryan discuss questioning religion, questioning atheism, questioning belief systems, and finding peace with Mosaic pastor Erwin McManus, and they answer the following questions:

  • How do I introduce minimalist principles to my church?
  • Is it possible to have faith while still harboring doubt?
  • How do I address my family’s disapproval of my religion?

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  • “Without doubt there is no faith—there’s just belief.” —Erwin McManus
  • “We must question what we hold close, otherwise we cling to everything.” —Joshua Fields Millburn
  • “A person that doesn’t doubt, doesn’t think.” —Erwin McManus
  • “Faith and doubt are two sides of the same coin.” —Ryan Nicodemus
  • “It’s not just okay to have doubts—it’s not okay to not have doubts.” —Erwin McManus
  • “Live a life of intention, not a life of obligation.” —Erwin McManus
  • “Compromising our values to gain approval is a recipe for discontent.” —Joshua Fields Millburn
  • “The only approval we need is our own.” —Ryan Nicodemus
  • “We live happier lives when we fulfill our own expectations rather than others’ expectations.” —Ryan Nicodemus

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