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The Minimalists’ Choice

In 2016, The Minimalists, alongside our friends Sarah and Joshua Weaver, opened a coffeehouse in St. Petersburg, Florida: Bandit. A year later, we began roasting our own coffee, and until recently, the only places you could get a cup of Bandit Coffee were inside the four walls of our shop or in a handful of coffeehouses that carry it.

But now you can have Bandit Coffee delivered directly to your front door! We just launched “The Minimalists’ Choice,” a rotating selection of our favorite seasonal coffees. You can find our current favorite at

The Minimalists’ Favorite Coffeehouses

No need to limit your coffee consumption to our beans, though. Here’s a list of our favorite independent coffeehouses in the United States and around the world (in alphabetical order).

United States

Bandit — St. Petersburg*

Barista Parlor — Nashville

Blue Copper — Salt Lake City

Cartel — Tucson

Collective — Cincinnati

Dayglow — Los Angeles

Dogwood — Minneapolis

Go Get ‘Em Tiger — Los Angeles**

Heart — Portland

PCPLA — Los Angeles**

Press — Dayton***

Revelator — Birmingham

Sey — New York City

Sightglass — San Francisco

Slate — Seattle

Sqirl — Los Angeles**

Twenty Below — Fargo

Verve — Santa Cruz

ZooTown — Missoula


Matchstick — Vancouver

Patricia — Melbourne

Paramount Coffee Project — Sydney**

Phil & Sebastian — Calgary

Where’s your favorite coffee spot? We’re always looking for the best coffee when we travel, so let us know about your local shops on Twitter.

*We’re biased.
**Outstanding food, too.
***Our favorite in the entire world.

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