Meet our Training Team Leaders: Megan Sweet & Dave Smith


Meet Megan Sweet, Director of Training, and Dave Smith, Head of Practice at Mindful Schools!

Megan and Dave recently hosted a call with a small group of community members. Watch the recording to learn about what inspires their work and get a peak into what’s on the horizon at Mindful Schools this year.

Meet our Training Team Leaders

Megan Sweet, EdD is the Director of Training at Mindful Schools. She brings more than two decades of experience as a school teacher, school and district administrator, and a leader in school transformation. She’s an experienced Network Lead with a demonstrated history of working in the education management industry. Her doctoral degree focused on Educational Leadership and Administration and she is skilled in Educational Consulting, Lesson Planning, Educational Technology, Instructional Design, and Curriculum Development. Megan is also a published author of An Educator’s Guide to Using Your 3 Eyes: How to Apply Intellect, Insight and Intuition to Promote Personal and School-Wide Transformation.

Dave Smith began practicing mindfulness in 1994 and is now our Head of Practice at Mindful Schools and an internationally recognized mindfulness teacher and published author on Ethical Mindfulness. Over the last decade he has brought mindfulness-based interventions into jails, prisons, youth detention centers and substance abuse treatment facilities. He has developed programs and trainings for mental health agencies, private high schools and non-profit organizations. Dave speaks nationally at behavioral health conferences as an advocate for the implementation of Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence skills into fields the of mental health, substance abuse, and education.

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